Stand out with our people-powered review response service

No bots or templates here. Your very own professionally-trained, US-based responder will quickly respond to all of your reviews in your brand’s unique voice (within 24 hours).

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How can Response Scribe help?

Attract New Customers

88% of consumers prefer to use a business that has responded to their reviews.

Local SEO Boost

Responding to reviews increases review quantity by 12% and ranking by 0.12 stars.

Increase Retention

Responding to reviews has been proven to increase customer retention by 124%.

Your Dedicated Responder

Stand out with people-powered review responses

No bots or templates here. Your very own professionally-trained, US-based responder will quickly respond to all of your customer reviews in your brand’s unique voice.

Fast, Custom Responses

Personalized responses delivered within 24 hours

When your customers leave a review, they want a response that makes them feel heard and they want it quickly. Stand apart from the competition with personalized replies delivered within hours.

Respond to reviews on the sites that matter most

Have our team quickly respond to reviews on the sites that matter to you.
We’ll respond on any of the 75+ review sites that we support.

Response Escalation

Worried about someone responding on your behalf?

Stay as involved in the process as you’d like with escalated alerts that allow you to edit, revise, or approve suggested responses directly from your email or mobile device.

Reports & Insights

Use review insights to create a better business

Leverage automated reports to quickly dig into your reviews, ratings, and customer feedback to find out what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve.

Frequently asked questions

Where is my responder from, and are all of their responses actually customized?

All of our responders are US-based and have been thoroughly trained on how to respond to reviews in your specific industry. Each and every review is personalized and addresses the reviewer’s unique concerns while working towards a resolution. No bots, no templates.

Does Shout About Us really respond to all of my reviews within 24 hours, 365 days per year?

Yes, the Shout About Us team responds to each and every review within our 24-hour guaranteed turnaround. That includes weekends and holidays.

How can I trust someone that doesn’t work at my business to respond to reviews on my behalf?

The Shout About Us team does not take the responsibility of representing your brand lightly and we have developed processes to ensure your responder has a deep understanding of your brand and industry. Upon activation, your dedicated responder will study your business, industry, past responses, and competitor responses. Each responder goes through an extensive training process and is closely monitored to ensure that they treat each and every response with the care that it deserves. Shout About Us has been trusted to respond to over 1 million reviews for major brands such as Jersey Mikes, Wynhdam Hotels, Chick-fil-A, and more.

What if I would still like to be more involved in the process of responding to reviews?

We understand that handing your responses over to someone new can be a stressful process at first. That’s why Shout About Us has built in a variety of tools to keep you as involved in the process as you’d like every step of the way. You have the ability to decide which types of responses are forwarded to you and your team and you’re able to edit, request a revision, or post it live directly from your email or mobile device. If you have specific feedback or guidance for your responder, we give you the ability to add custom responder notes, so that each response sounds like your own. With all of these options, you can stay involved in the process without having to do the heavy lifting.

What if I already have a review management system, but want a review response service? Can it be offered as a stand-alone service?

Absolutely. Our responders have extensive experience responding within a variety of review management platforms and can easily integrate into your current process. That way, you can quickly start experiencing the benefits of personalized review responses without going through the headache of switching platforms entirely.

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