What is ORM?

O. R. M.

Just another series of confusing and intimidating letters, like SEO or ROI. However, not all of these digital marketing acronyms have to be scary and unfamiliar. ORM stands for Online Review Management, and here I will explain what that really means.

In the current age of the internet where everyone and everything is online, reputation and reviews can drastically affect one’s business. Consumers are increasingly reading reviews in order to form an opinion about a product and reach a decision before purchasing.

As the online shopping industry booms and people base their decisions on the reviews of previous customers, it is imperative for any business owner to take control of their reviews and be fully aware of what’s out there. Reviews can be a company’s biggest asset or worst enemy; they can make or break a business. A number of good reviews can generate new clients, bring old ones back, and increase opportunities, whereas even one bad review can tank the whole enterprise. I cannot stress enough the importance of reviews. Like it or not, they are here to stay, and if you don’t adapt and learn from them, online reviews will become a huge problem.

This is where online review management comes in. Companies who specialize in ORM are there to help a business gain control over their reviews and be able to manage and respond to them efficiently. They can help minimize the threat of a bad review, increase good reviews, and monitor every site on which a customer leaves a review for the business.

Basically, they will help ensure that a company’s online presence is reputable and that consumers feel that they can trust the business and its products.

ORM firms also often help their customers with search engine optimization, digital marketing, and public relations. This will help increase the clients’ brand awareness and web traffic for their businesses, giving them more potential customers and providing a wider field of consumers to sell to.

At the end of the day, we all just want to sell our products.

However, it’s never that simple.

Having an online presence and positive reviews is something many businesses struggle with, and this struggle and lack of control can be their downfall. Now more than ever, reviews and customer testimonials are everything for any company, and many business owners or managers do not have the expertise or time to deal with that themselves.

Online review management can change all of that. It is an insanely helpful yet relatively unknown tool that is changing the online review game. Every business needs ORM to succeed in today’s world.

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