How to Respond to Positive Reviews (Infographic)

Why it is important to respond:

So, you just got a great review about your company and now you’re basking in the glory. Do you even need to respond? Yes! 

By responding to the customer, you get to acknowledge and thank them. Responding shows them that their review matters, and 41% of consumers say that brands replying to reviews makes them believe the company really cares about their customers. 

By responding to a customer’s review, it confirms to them that they’ve been heard, which not only encourages repeat business, but also gives them and others incentive to leave future reviews. These review responses will help build a relationship with your customers and they will in turn advocate even more on behalf of your brand. Responding helps retain customers, while not replying to reviews risks increasing customer churn by 15%, according to Chatmeter

Overall, responding to reviews is absolutely vital, but many business owners tend to focus on only negative reviews. While this is a great start, you have to respond to negative and positive reviews if you want to truly connect with your customers. 

Here is a reliable formula for responding to positive reviews:

There are many ways to effectively respond and thank a customer for a valued positive review. The bottom line is be kind, courteous, and grateful for their contribution. Your customers need to know that their review is heard and appreciated, so make sure to respond to all your reviews, not just the negative ones.

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