Optimize your local SEO ranking on over 125 platforms

Easily manage, update, and track info for all of your locations from a single dashboard. Be found everywhere your customers search — Google, Facebook, Alexa, and more.

How can Listings Management help?

More Web Traffic

Boost your web traffic with consistent listings across the web.

Better SEO Ranking

Optimize your local SEO ranking on over 125 business directories.

Drive More Revenue

With increased web traffic and better SEO, your lead volume will quickly rise.


Ensure you appear at the top of search results

Consistent listings across platforms influence whether you show up at the top of search results. With an easy way to manage your listings, you’ll make sure you’re being found everywhere your customers are looking.


Build trust with accurate, consistent, and up-to-date listings

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 locations, automatically manage your location data on 125+ directories from a single source of truth. Quickly make changes to ensure your listings remain consistent, accurate, and in your control.

Manage listings on the directories that matter most

Closely monitor your business listings on the directories that matter to you.
Choose from any of the 125+ review sites that we support.


Easily track your performance from one place

Get the key insights you need for all of your locations’ online performance. You customize which reports you’d like to receive and we’ll deliver them straight to your inbox at your preferred time.


Drive more revenue with increased lead volume

Accurate and consistent listings, as well as a great reviews, have a huge impact on your online ranking and ability to drive more revenue. With improved local search visibility, you’ll easily convert prospective buyers into lifelong customers.

Frequently asked questions

What details can I update from within the platform?

Apart from the usual name, address, and phone number, Shout About Us allows you to update 50+ fields, helping you rank higher on local search and win more business. From one dashboard, you can update everything from your store hours, photos, videos, COVID-19 updates, keywords, services offered, appointment links, social profiles, and more.

Which online directories are included?

Our Listings Management platform automatically maintains your location data on Google, Bing, Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram — plus 125+ others from a single source of truth.

What kind of customer support can I expect?

You can count on Shout About Us to go the extra mile with best-in-class customer support. We respond to all customer requests within hours and are always available to jump on a phone/zoom call to find a resolution to your issue.

Is there an extra fee for the white label?

No, there is no additional fee to use the white label option of the Shout About Us reputation management platform. Everything is included in our standard pricing package.

How easy is it to sign up or switch over from my current listings management provider?

Getting set up on the Shout About Us platform is quick and easy. Once you let us know that you’d like to move forward, our team will immediately begin setting up your account and transferring over your data from your existing platform. After an extensive training session (and ongoing support) from your customer success rep, you will be up and running before you know it!

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